What is an Active Directory service?

An Active directory service is a network service that store information about network resources and allows the users and aplications access to this resources, his first objective is to organize, control and manage the network  resources access

when you install a Active Directory service in a network, we will convert a sever in a Domain controllers (DC’s) and we can to link the rest of network pc’s to the Domain controller being the clients of the directory service, receiving all information stored in the controller. This information contains users accounts, pc’s, groups, profiles, security directives and network services. for that reason the Active Directory is a fundamental tool of administration managing.

Active Directory components:

Domains, organizative units (OU), forest and domain’s trees are considered part of logic structure, and the domain controllers and sites are considered part of physical structures.

Domains: Are the first logic structure of the Active Directory because contains active directory objects, whe we talk about objects in a Active Directory, we are talking about, users, prints, shared resources, etc.

Organizative Units (OU) An OU is a container that allow to organize objects like users, pc, even others OU in a domain to form a logical administrative group.

The domain Trees: In Active Directory a tree is a set of one or more domains that share a name space adjacent.

Forest: Are a set of trees.



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